SAIF Simple Funeral

Package available for just £1,895

This type of Funeral provides a funeral for a fixed price in accordance with SAIF guidelines.
  • Funeral Director Fees,
  • Bringing the deceased into care during normal working hours from a mortuary
    setting within 20 miles of the arranging office.
  • Preparation of the deceased with a simple gown and use of chapel inside of office hours.
  • Administration,
  • The provision of a Funeral Director, Hearse and 4 bearers on the day of service.
  • The time & date of the service at the discretion of the Funeral Director. This would be an early, attended service at the crematorium.
  • The SAIF Simple Funeral Service has no provision for any additional provisions such as floral tributes, newspaper adverts, limousines, orders of service. If the family
    arrange their own, we are unable to assist with setting up.
  • Collection of ashes and storage for one calendar month, family to collect from
  • An online memorial page to show service details, collect donations and allow the family to take ownership for the own obituary wording, photos and remembrance.
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